Baarle (Belgium – The Netherlands)

Photos and videos of Baarle, which is a village that consists of two areas: The Belgian Baarle-Hertog and the Dutch Baarle-Nassau. The Belgian part includes 22 exclaves. (In 1995 the border was finalized to include a formerly neutral grassland). The exclaves, in turn, surround seven Dutch areas. Belgian territory also surrounds an eighth area near Ginhoven. This village contains three quadripoints.

Samen zijn we Baarle

Together we are Baarle

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Photos and Videos from the Belgian – Dutch Border Village Baarle

Bougies musée (Musée de Baarle) à la frontière entre la Belgique et les Pays-Bas

Candles museum (Baarle’s Museum) on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands

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Fotos und Videos von der belgischen – niederländischen Grenze Dorf Baarle

Groby wojenne w Baarle (Belgia - Holandia)

War Graves in Baarle (Belgium – The Netherlands)

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Fotos y Videos de la Belga – Frontera Holandesa Baarle Pueblo

Tourismusbüro in Baarle-Nassau-Hertog (Belgien - Niederlande)

Tourist Office in Baarle-Nassau-Hertog (Belgium – Netherlands)

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фото і відео з Бельгії – голландського кордону села Баарле

Demarcazione Belgio e Paesi Bassi (Baarle-Hertog - Baarle-Nassau)

Demarcation Belgium and the Netherlands (Baarle-Hertog – Baarle-Nassau)

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Photos et Vidéos de la Belgique – Néerlandaise village de frontière Baarle

Centro Cultural Baarle

Cultural Center Baarle

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Zdjęcia i Filmy z Belgijskiego – Holenderski Granicy wsi Baarle

Deixando Baarle-Hertog en Baarle-Nassau (Bélgica - Países Baixos)

Leaving Baarle-Hertog and Baarle-Nassau (Belgium – Netherlands)

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Foto’s en Video’s van het Belgisch – Nederlandse Grensdorp Baarle

Foto e Video dal Belga – Villaggio di Baarle Confine Olandese

Fotos e Vídeos do Belga – Fronteira Holandesa Vila Baarle

Bilder och Videoklipp från den Belgiska – Nederländska Gränsen by Baarle

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