Are you looking for a new (digital) camera to shoot great pictures while on vacation, or are you looking for a SLR because you want to become a professional photographer or do you want to get more out of a camera?

Best Camera

You should ask yourself this first before you buy an expensive camera you are only going to use during the holidays. Check out the web shops below where you can buy the best cameras at affordable prices.

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Ali Express
Cheap Cameras
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DealExtreme Goedkope Camera’s
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Cheap but new Photo Cameras

Have you finally decided what you are going to photograph with your camera, then the next question you have to ask yourself of course is do I go for completely digital camera,  or am I going for the SLR, because there’s a big difference between them. With an SLR you can make better quality pictures (although this also depends on the person who makes the photos) and you can also change the lenses depending on what you want to use your camera for. You can buy different lenses if you want to get close-ups of flowers or insects for example, or you buy a special long lenses if you want to shoot sports from a large distance.

Cheap Cameras

After you decided what camera you want to buy, you may also want to get some nice accessories, like a camera bag or a special filter for your lens. It may also be that you are looking for a tripod for your work as a photographer, so you do not have to carry that camera around your neck all day. If you got a photo shop, it can also be useful to have a nice background to make better photographs from your customers. A few good lamps to better highlight your client or subject should also be mandatory, as reserve batteries for your camera. Storage is also very important like a flash card for your photographs.

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