Maassluis, The Netherlands

Maassluis was founded circa 1340 as a settlement next to a lock (in Dutch: sluis) in the sea barrier between the North Sea and Rotterdam. Originally Maeslandsluys, it was part of Maesland. In 1489 the settlement was sacked. During the Eighty Years’ War, Philips of Marnix, lord of Sint-Aldegonde, started to build a defense wall but before its completion, the Spanish captured it in 1573 and Philips of Marnix was taken prisoner. A year later Maeslandsluys was looted by mutinous Spanish troops.

Innenhafen von Maassluis in den Niederlanden

Inner Harbor of Maassluis in The Netherlands

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Photos and Videos of Maassluis, The Netherlands

Lampadaire et canal à maassluis, netherlands

Lamppost and Canal in Maassluis, The Netherlands

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Fotos und Videos von Maassluis, Niederlande

Markt in Maassluis, Nederland

Markt in Maassluis, The Netherlands

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Fotos y Vídeos de Maassluis, Países Bajos

De Kolk em Maassluis, Países Baixos

De Kolk in Maassluis, The Netherlands

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On 16 May 1614, Maeslandsluys was separated from Maesland by the counts of Holland and renamed Maassluis. This separation may have been religiously motivated: Maassluis was predominantly Protestant and Maasland Catholic. In 1624 the defense wall was demolished to make way for the Great Church, started in 1629. Construction stopped for five years because privateers from Dunkirk raided fishing boats from Maassluis, throwing their crew overboard. It was finished in 1639. On 4 December 1732, the Garrels Organ was inaugurated. Built from 1730 to 1732 by Rudolf Garrels, a pupil of Arp Schnitger, it was a gift by Govert van Wijn, ship-owner from Maassluis.
In 1811 Napoleon Bonaparte granted city rights. During World War II, the working population was transferred to Germany for the war industry. Maassluis’ ancient church was hit by allied bombers.

Photos et Vidéos de Maassluis, les Pays-Bas

Hermosa Maassluis, Países Bajos

Beautiful Maassluis, The Netherlands

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Фото и видео Масслёйс, Нидерландских

Govert van Wijnkade i Maassluis, Holland

Govert van Wijnkade in Maassluis, The Netherlands

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Zdjęcia i Filmy Maassluis, Holandia

Beeld De Visvangst van Nic Jonk in Maassluis, Nederland

Artwork Visvangst (Catches of Fish – 1965) from Nicolaas Jonk in Maassluis, The Netherlands

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Fotos e Vídeos de Maassluis, Países Baixos

Kaien langs Goudsteen i Maasland, Nederland

Quay along the Goudsteen in Maasland, The Netherlands

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Fotók és Videók Maassluis, Hollandia

 Noordvliet widziana z grobli w Maassluis, Holandia

The Noordvliet seen from the Dike in Maassluis, The Netherlands

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Foto e Video di Maassluis, Paesi Bassi

Intocht van Sinterklaas en Zwarte Piet 2016 in Maassluis, Nederland

Arrival of Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) 2016 in Maassluis, The Netherlands

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Bilder og Videoer av Maassluis, Nederland

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