Memorial House Mother Teresa (Skopje, Macedonia)

The Mother Teresa Memorial House (Macedonian: Спомен-куќа на Мајка Тереза) is dedicated to the humanitarian and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mother Teresa and is located in her hometown Skopje, in Macedonia, where she lived from 1910 to 1928. The memorial house was built on the popular Macedonia Street in the Centar municipality, on the very location of the once Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Church, where Mother Teresa was baptized. It lies just east of the Ristiḱ Palace and the Macedonia Square.

Memorial House of Mother Teresa Skopje, Macedonia

Memorial House of Mother Teresa Skopje, Macedonia

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Gedenkhaus von Mutter Teresa in Skopje, Mazedonien

Спомен-куќа на Мајка Тереза (Македонија)

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Schauen Sie sich die Fotos von der Gedenkhaus von Mutter Teresa (Skopje, Mazedonien)

Gedenkhuis van Moeder Theresa Skopje, Macedonië

Shtëpia përkujtimore e Nënës Terezë (Shkup, Maqedoni)

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Echa un vistazo a las fotos de la casa memorial de la Madre Teresa (Skopje, Macedonia)

Dom Pamięci Matki Teresy w Skopje, Macedonii

Bed in Memorial House Mother Teresa (Macedonia)

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Спомен-куќа на Мајка Тереза ​​параклис (Македонија)

Chapel Memorial House Mother Teresa (Macedonia)

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Découvrez les photos de la maison à la mémoire de Mère Teresa (Skopje, Macédoine)

Statua Madre Teresa (Museo della Memoria, Skopje - Macedonia)

Statue Mother Teresa (Memorial Museum, Skopje – Macedonia)

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Bekijk de foto’s van het Gedenkhuis van Moeder Teresa (Skopje, Macedonië)

Музеј Мајка Тереза ​​(Скопље, Македонија)

Furniture Memorial House Mother Teresa (Macedonia)

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The memorial house worth two million euro was opened on 30 January 2009 by Macedonian prime minister Nikola Gruevski and is one of Skopje’s landmarks now. The opening was attended by foreign delegations, members of the Roman Catholic Church in Macedonia and Macedonian Orthodox Church. One week prior to the opening, the Macedonian Foreign Minister Antonio Milošoski placed a commemorative plate at Mother Teresa’s grave in Calcutta, India, with the engravement “Token of Gratitude from the Republic of Macedonia and the Fellow-Citizens of Her Native Town Skopje”.

Guarda le foto della casa memoriale di Madre Teresa (Skopje, Macedonia)

मदर टेरेसा से पाठ (स्कोप्जे, मेसेडोनिया)

Text from Mother Teresa (Skopje, Macedonia)

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Confira as fotos do memorial casa de Madre Teresa out (Skopje, Macedônia)

Mother Teresa Museum Skopje, Macedonia

Plaque Memorial House of Mother Teresa Skopje (Macedonia)

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Проверьте фотографий мемориальном доме матери Терезы (Скопье, Македония)

मदर टेरेसा संग्रहालय (स्कोप्जे, मेसेडोनिया)

Mother Teresa Museum (Skopje, Macedonia)

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