See here the most spectacular photos and videos of motocross worldwide, which is a form of off-road motorcycle racing held on enclosed off-road circuits. In 1924, the first known British off-road event known as the Scrambles was held at Camberley in Surrey. This would become the earliest known origin of freestyle motocross as we know it today. Over the years, the event would evolve, largely through the efforts of riders from Europe who shortened the tracks while adding laps and various obstacles through the course such as jumps.

Motocrossers wachten om de race te beginnen

Motocross riders waiting to start race

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Photos and Videos of Motocross

Motocross-Fahrer Durchführung Stunt mit Motorrad

Motocross Racer performing stunt with Motorcycle

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Various companies throughout Europe from countries such as Sweden, Czechoslovakia and Britain thrived by creating models that became renowned for their lightness and maneuverability. The introduced improvements in motorcycles during the 1960s would relegate the older and heavier four-stroke machines to smaller, niche events.In the late 1960s, companies from Japan would rival their European counterparts in the manufacture and production of high-quality motorcycles for motocross enthusiasts. In fact, in 1970, Suzuki would claim the first world championship for its motherland after being victorious in the 250cc event.

Fotos und Videos von Motocross

Figyeli a motocross versenyek

Watching the Motocross Races

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Fotos y Videos del Motocrós

125CC Rowery brud biorący ostrym zakrętem

125CC Dirt Bikes taking a Tight Turn

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1975 would see the introduction of the 125cc world championship and the sport experienced significant growth due in no small part to the increase in popularity of motocross in the United States. While European riders would continue to excel in events held during the 1970s, the Americans would gradually improve before winning international competitions during the 1980s.


50CC niños disfrutando de motocross

Kids enjoying 50CC Motocross

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Photos et Vidéos de Motocross

125CC dirtbike salto in alto

High Jumping 125CC Dirt Bike

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Recently, motocross has gradually developed new forms of riding and disciplines ranging from indoor stadium arena events such as Supercross and Arenacross to Freestyle Motocross where riders display an array of skills while performing thrilling jumps and stunts.

Foto’s en Video’s van Motocross

Maastoajo hyppy

Dirt Bike Jumping

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Foto e Video di Motocross

250CC Motorcross

250CC Motocross

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Fotos e Vídeos de Motocross

KTM čistenie špina na bicykli

Cleaning of a KTM Dirt Bike

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Фото і відео мотопробігу

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