Museumlaantje in Assen, The Netherlands

See here the images and pictures of the historic Museumlaantje in Assen, The Netherlands. In 1615 Assen got its own preacher. In 1807 Assen administratively freed itself from the control of Rolde when the village got to establish its own municipal authorities.

Museumlaantje in Assen, Niederlande

Museumlaantje in Assen, The Netherlands

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Photos and Videos of the Museum Lane in Assen, The Netherlands

wapen van de familie Oosting (drie witte coquilles op een rode achtergrond) - Assen, Nederland

Coat of Arms of the family Oosting (three white scallops on a red background) – Assen, The Netherlands

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Fotos und Videos des Museums Spur in Assen, Niederlande

Entrada del Archivo Drenthe en Assen, Países Bajos

Entrance of the Drenthe Archive in Assen, Netherlands

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A municipal authority which moreover in most cases operated in the shadow of the provincial government, which always manifested itself prominent in the Drentse Haagje. The municipal authority mainly got there because of matter of provincial governors like Governor Petrus Hofstede, to which the city also thanks its uniquely located park (in the center of the city). From that time Assen also obtained its nickname het Herenbolwerk.

Fotos y Videos de la Lane Museo en Assen, Países Bajos

Console à tête du Lion dans le Museumlaantje à Assen, Pays-Bas

Lion Head Consoles in the Museumlaantje in Assen, The Netherlands

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dio 'Ontvangershuis' u Museumlaantje - Assen, Nizozemska

Part of the ‘Ontvangershuis’ in the Museumlaantje – Assen, The Netherlands

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Photos et Vidéos de la Voie de Musée à Assen, Pays-Bas

vedere frumoasă a Museumlaantje din Assen, Olanda

Nice View of the Museumlaantje in Assen, The Netherlands

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Foto’s en Video’s van het Museumlaantje in Assen, Nederland

Foto e Video di Crsia Museo di Assen, Paesi Bassi

Fotos e Vídeos da Pista Museu em Assen, Holanda

Фото и видео музейного переулке в Ассене, Нидерланды

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