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Tourism in the Republic of Macedonia is a large factor of the nation’s economy. Macedonia’s large abundance of natural and cultural attractions make it suitable for tourism. In 2017, Macedonia received 998.841 tourist arrivals out of which 630.594 foreign.

Музеј града Скопља (Македонија)

Museum of the city of Skopje (Macedonia)

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Muzeum Archeologiczne w Macedonii (Skopje)

Archaeological Museum of Macedonia in Skopje

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Музејот на вода (Заливот на коските, Македонија)

Museum on Water (Bay of Bones, Macedonia)

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Among foreign tourists in 2012, the most common country of origin was Turkey with 50.406 arrivals, followed by Greece with 43.976 and Serbia with 36.530. The most common non-Balkan country of origin was the Netherlands with over 27.000 tourist arrivals.

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Nationaal Museum van Ohrid in het Robevci Huis (Macedonië)

The National Museum of Ohrid in the Robevci House (Macedonia)

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Skopje, the capital and largest city, is situated in the northern part of the country on the Vardar River. Skopje has a long history that is evidenced by its many archaeological sites, such as Scupi and the Skopje Aqueduct, and the large number of Ottoman buildings and monuments, particularly in the Old Bazaar, such as Mustapha Pasha Mosque. In 2016, Skopje, with over 500.000 inhabitants, is becoming a modern city with museums and many cultural and sporting events.

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