Seafood Market in Tai O, Hong Kong

Tai O in Vietnam used to be a very important trading and fishing port, but this is a thing of the past as the younger generations have moved out. You can still see the old folks making a living the old traditional way at this lively market which remains one of the favourite places for locals to buy their fresh and dried seafoods and the shrimp paste which is famous of this area.

Getrockneter Tintenfisch auf Tai O-Markt in Hong Kong

Dried Squid on Tai O market in Hong Kong

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Photos and Videos from the Seafood Market in Tai O, Hong Kong


Fish Vendors in Tai O, Hong Kong

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Bilder und Videos von der Meeresfrüchte-Markt in Tai O, Hong Kong

Secado de pescado salado atrapados en las aguas del pueblo de pescadores de Tai O, Hong Kong

Drying Salt Fish Caught in the Waters of Tai O Fishing Village, Hong Kong

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Fotos y Vídeos del Mercado de Mariscos en Tai O, Hong Kong


Dried Fish For Sale in Tai O Fishing Village Hong Kong

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Boulettes de poisson, boulettes de boeuf et shao mai à Tai O, Hong Kong

Fish Balls, Beef Balls and Shao Mai in Tai O, Hong Kong

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Photos et Vidéos du Marché de Fruits de Mer à Tai O, Hong Kong

świeże ryby na sprzedaż w wiosce rybackiej Tai O, Hong Kongu

Fresh Fish for sale in the Fishing Village Tai O, Hong Kong

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Фото и Видео с рынка морепродуктов в Тай О, Гонконг

Peles de peixe seco para venda em Tai O, Hong Kong

Dried Fish skins for sale in Tai O, Hong Kong

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Makanan laut kering di Tai pasaran o ikan, Hong Kong

Dry seafood at Tai O Fish Market, Hong Kong

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Tai O di Hong Kong terkenal untuk banyak barang diawetkan seperti tiram, udang, dan ikan

Tai O in Hong Kong is famous for many preserved goods such as Oysters, shrimp and Fish

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The market of Tai O is a feast for the eyes, perhaps not the nose, but make some time to stroll through the stalls and alleys and check out the live seafood tanks, the vast array of dried seafoods and vegetables, some you may or may not recognize, knick knacks, and souvenirs.

Foto dan Video dari Pasar Makanan Laut di Tai O, Hong Kong

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