Svinista, Macedonia

Svinista is a village in the Ohrid municipality of Macedonia. Svinista original name (with diacritics) is Sviništa. The village is 98 km (or 61 mi) South-West of the macedonian capital Skopje.

тркало во Свиништа (Македонија)

Waterwheel in Svinista (Macedonia)

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Check out the photos of macedonian village Svinista

Natuurlijke Wasmachine in Svinista (Macedonië)

Natural Washer in Svinista (Macedonia)

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Schauen Sie sich die Fotos von der mazedonischen Dorf Svinista

essbare Beeren Mazedonien

Edible Berries in Macedonia

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Echa un vistazo a las fotos de macedonia Svinista pueblo

Природне Цлотхеслинес у Свиниста (Македонија)

Natural Clotheslines in Svinista (Macedonia)

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Derdh në Svinista (Maqedoni)

Shed in Svinista (Macedonia)

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Découvrez les photos de macedonian Svinista du village

Sušenje je u Svinista (Makedonija)

Drying the was in Svinista (Macedonia)

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Bekijk de foto’s van het Macedonische dorp Svinista

Lavoirs Naturelles dans Svinista (Macédoine)

Natural Washtubs in Svinista (Macedonia)

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Guarda le foto di macedone villaggio Svinista

Confira as fotos de macedônio aldeia Svinista fora

Фотографии из македонской деревне Svinishta

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