Dutch Park in Ohrid, Macedonia

A. den Doolaard generated with the publication of his novels “Oriënt-Express” in 1934 and “The Wedding of the Seven Gypsies” in 1939 an extraordinary interest in Macedonia. For decades Dutch are among the most numerous tourists in Macedonia, and this leads to a wide cooperation between Macedonia and the Netherlands in different fields. Therefore, Macedonians express a great respect for the Dutch writer.

Холандски парк во Охрид (Македонија)

Dutch Park in Ohrid (Macedonia)

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Dutch Park in Ohrid, Macedonia

Споменик А. ден Долард (Охрид, Македонија)

Monument of the Dutch writer A. den Doolaard in the Dutch Park (Ohrid, Macedonia)

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Niederländischen Park in Ohrid, Mazedonien

Informatiebordje Nederlandse Park Ohrid (Macedonië)

Information sign Dutch Park Ohrid (Macedonia)

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Parque Holandés en Ohrid, Macedonia

Bulevardi pranë Parkut holandez në Ohër (Maqedoni)

Boulevard nearby the Dutch Park in Ohrid (Macedonia)

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In 2006, in the Macedonian town of Ohrid was erected a monument in honor of A. den Doolaard, and in 2011, a memorial room opened with an exhibition of books and documents explaining the life and work of the author. The exhibition was organized by the Macedonian writer and photographer Mišo Juzmeski, who also has published articles on the meaning of Den Doolaard for the development of the Dutch-Macedonian relations.

холандски парк во Охрид, Македонија

Parc Néerlandais à Ohrid, Macédoine

Nederland Park in Ohrid, Macedonië

Parco Olandese in Ohrid, Macedonia

Holenderski Park w Ohrid, Macedonia

голландского парка в Охриде, Македония

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