AKO (Amsterdamsche Kiosk Onderneming)

Amsterdamsche Kiosk Onderneming (AKO) is a Dutch retail chain that was founded in 1878 and is better known today as Algemene Kiosk Onderneming. The chain has more than a hundred book and magazine stores throughout the Netherlands.

AKO (Bookstore in the Netherlands)

AKO (Buchhandlung in den Niederlanden)

The branches are mostly located at train stations, where the foundation was also laid in 1889 through the sale of newspapers to travelers. The kiosk at Schiphol was one of the first stores at this airport in 1927. Nowadays there is one original newspaper kiosk that is located at Schiphol, based on the old-fashioned street kiosks of AKO. Later on there were also sales outlets present at Rotterdam Airport, Eindhoven Airport and Maastricht Aachen Airport.

AKO (librería en los Países Bajos)


AKO (مكتبة في هولندا)

AKO (Librairie aux Pays-Bas)

Originally the AKO kiosks could be found at the stations of the HIJSM, while the Bruna kiosks were represented at stations of the State Railways. This situation can still be recognized in The Hague. AKO is part of the Audax group and also operates 16 Bruna station stores (2017). AKO is the name giver of the AKO Literature Prize that has been awarded annually since 1987.

AKO (नीदरलैंड में किताबों की दुकान)

AKO Store at the TU Delft, Netherlands

AKO Store at the Technical University of Delft, Netherlands

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АКО (книжный магазин в Нидерландах)

AKO (Livraria na Holanda)

AKO (Hollanda’da Kitapçı)

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