Old Buildings in Pogradec, Albania

During the second half of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century, Pogradec area played an important role in the Albanian National Renaissance. In 14 March 1887 the second Albanian language school was started here.

Oud flatje in Pogradec (Albanië)

Old Apartment Building in Pogradec (Albania)

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Photos and Videos of Old Buildings in Pogradec

Стара зграда у Поградец (Албанија)

Old Building in Pogradec (Albania)

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Bilder und Videos von alten Gebäuden in Pogradec

Qendra Kulturore "Lasgush Poradeci" + Biblioteka "Mitrush Kuteli" (Pogradec, Shqipëria)

Cultural Center Lasgush Poradeci and Library Mitrush Kuteli (Pogradec, Albania)

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Fotos y Vídeos de Edificios Antiguos en Pogradec

Стара улица во Поградец (Албанија)

Old Street in Pogradec (Albania)

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Foto dhe Video të Ndërtesave të Vjetra në Pogradec

Häuschen in Pogradec, Albanien

Little House in Pogradec, Albania

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During WWI Pogradec became a battlefield divided between the enemy fronts. From 1914 until 1920 Austro-Hungarian, Serbian, Greek, Bulgarian and French armies, captured the city replacing each-other from time to time.

Photos et Vidéos de Bâtiments Anciens à Pogradec

μικρά διαμερίσματα στο Πόγραδετς (Αλβανία)

Small Apartments in Pogradec (Albania)

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Foto’s en Video’s van Oude Gebouwen in Pogradec

stare domy i stare Mercedes w Pogradec, Albania

Old Houses and Old Mercedes in Pogradec, Albania

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During WWII the city was first invaded by the Italian army in 12 April 1939. Italian occupation of Pogradec was interrupted due to Greco-Italian War and Greek troops occupied the city between 30 November 1940 and 14 April 1941. After Italy’s capitulation in 1943 the Italians were replaced by the German Nazis who kept the city until 30 August 1944 when it was liberated by the Albanian partizans.
After the war the town was a favorite summer escape for many communist government officials and particularly Enver Hoxha. The summer residences and the area around them were sealed off from the public.

Foto e Video di Vecchi Edifici in Pogradec

Слики и видеа на старите градби во Поградец

Фото и видео старых зданий в Поградеце

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