Oil and Gas Industry in Bahrain

Petroleum and natural gas are the only significant natural resources in Bahrain. The Bahrain Petroleum Company refinery was built in 1935, has a capacity of about 250.000 barrels (40.000 m³) per day, and was the first in the Persian Gulf.

مضخة نفط في البحرين

Pumpjack in Bahrain

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Oil and Gas Industry in Bahrain

طوارئ النفط والغاز في البحرين

Oil and Gas Emergency in Bahrain

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Öl- und Gasindustrie in Bahrain

خطوط أنابيب النفط والغاز في البحرين

Oil and Gas Pipelines in Bahrain

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Industria del Petróleo y el Gas en Bahréin

Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO)

Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO)

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صناعة النفط والغاز في البحرين

شركة غاز البحرين الوطنية

Bahrain National Gas Company (B.S.C)

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The first oil well in the Arabian side of the Persian Gulf is located in Bahrain. The well is situated below Jebel Dukhan. It was discovered and operated by Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO), established in 1929 in Canada by Standard Oil Company of California. Oil first spurted from this well on 16 October 1931, and the well finally began to blow heads of oil on the morning of 2 June 1932. The initial oil flow rate was 9.600 barrels per day (1.530 m3/d); by the 1970s the well produced 70.000 bbl/d (11.000 m3/d), and after that it stabilized at about 35.000 bbl/d (5.600 m3/d). In 1980, BAPCO was taken over by the Government of Bahrain. Close to the well, which has been reconstructed to its first appearance, is a stable. Bahrain was the first place on the Arabian side of the Persian Gulf where oil was discovered, and it coincided with the collapse of the world pearl market.


هيئة النفط والغاز الوطنية في البحرين (متحف النفط)

Bahrain National Oil and Gas Authority (Oil Museum)

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Industrie Pétrolière et Gazière au Bahreïn

أول بئر نفط في البحرين

The First Oil Well in Bahrain

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Нефтегазовая промышленность Бахрейна

BANAGAS CGP Plant in Bahrain

BANAGAS CGP Plant in Bahrain

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The Bahrain National Gas Company operates a gas liquefaction plant that utilizes gas piped directly from Bahrain’s oilfields. The Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) is a joint venture of the petrochemical industries of Kuwait, the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, and the Government of Bahrain. The plant, completed in 1985, produces ammonia, methanol and urea for export.

صنعت نفت و گاز در بحرین

Bahraini Oil Field

Bahraini Oil Field

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Bahreyn’de Petrol ve Gaz Endüstrisi

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