A bandstand is a circular or semicircular structure set in a park, garden, pier, or indoor space, designed to accommodate musical bands performing concerts. A simple construction, it both creates an ornamental focal point and also serves acoustic requirements while providing shelter for the changeable weather, if outdoors.

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Muziekpaviljoen in Pernis (Rotterdam, Nederland)

Bandstand in Rotterdam Pernis, The Netherlands

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Many bandstands in the United Kingdom originated in the Victorian era as the British brass band movement gained popularity. Smaller bandstands are often not much more than gazebos. Much larger bandstands such as that at the Hollywood Bowl may be called bandshells and usually take a shape similar to a quarter sphere. Though many bandstands fell into disuse and disrepair in the post-World War II period, the cultural project the Bandstand Marathon has seen bandstands across the UK utilized for free live concerts since 2008.

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Églises à Rotterdam, Pays-Bas

Kościoły w Rotterdamie, Holandia

A good example of a semi-circular bandstand is the Eastbourne Bandstand (England), built in 1935 to replace a circular bandstand that stood on cast iron stilts. Herne Bay, Kent contains a totally enclosed bandstand with a stage and cafe area, topped with copper-clad domes.
There is a very old bandstand at Horsham’s Carfax, built in 1892 by Walter Macfarlane & C at the Saracen Foundry in Glasgow, and another one in its adjacent park.

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