Marsalforn (Gozo, Malta)

Marsalforn (Marsa el-Forn) is a village on the north coast of Gozo, the second largest island of the Maltese archipelago. The village lies between the hill-top towns of Xagħra and Żebbuġ. The village forms part of the locality of Żebbuġ. Marsalforn is the most popular tourist resort on Gozo. It is well served with hotels, restaurants, bars, and beaches. There is only a small sandy beach in Marsalforn, however, along the rocky coastline there are a number of interesting swimming spots.

Обзорный вид на залив Марсалфорн (Гозо, Мальта)

Panaromic View of the Bay of Marsalforn (Gozo, Malta)

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Photos and Videos of the Village Marsalforn (Gozo, Malta)

Viale a Marsalforn (Gozo, Malta)

The Boulevard of Marsalforn (Gozo, Malta)

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Fotos und Videos von dem Dorf Marsalforn (Gozo, Malta)

Terrazas en la bahía de Marsalforn (Gozo, Malta)

Terraces at the bay of Marsalforn (Gozo, Malta)

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Fotos y Vídeos de la Villa Marsalforn (Gozo, Malta)

Tauchschule Scuba Kings in Marsalforn (Gozo, Malta)

Diving School ‘Scuba Kings’ in Marsalforn (Gozo, Malta)

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Rivière à sec à Marsalforn (Gozo, Malte)

Dry River in Marsalforn (Gozo, Malta)

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Photos et Vidéos du Village Marsalforn (Gozo, Malte)

Pensionatet Electra i Marsalforn (Gozo, Malta)

Guest House Electra in Marsalforn (Gozo, Malta)

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Foto’s en video’s van het Dorp Marsalforn (Gozo, Malta)

Lodi v zátoce Marsalforn

Boat in the Bay of Marsalforn

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Foto e Video del Villaggio Marsalforn (Gozo, Malta)

Ekza Kiosk f'Marsalforn (Għawdex, Malta)

Ekza Kiosk in Marsalforn (Gozo, Malta)

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One effect of tourism has been the establishment of clear tangible seasonal changes in the village’s character. During the winter months, when tourist numbers are low and second homes are frequently not used, the village gains a quiet, peaceful feel. During the summer the village is a busy, vibrant place, teeming with both local and foreign visitors. The village has also become the premiere diving centre in Gozo, with several scuba diving schools locating on the sea front.

صور وفيديو القرية مارسالفورن، غوزو، مالطا

Terrasjes in Marsalforn, Gozo, Malta

Terraces in Marsalforn, Gozo, Malta

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Фото и Видео села Марсалфорн, Гозо, Мальта

Marsalforn Bay, Gozo, Malta

Marsalforn Bay (Gozo, Malta)

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