Xlendi Bay (Gozo, Malta)

Xlendi has a great topography with quite steep cliffs on the side and a valley on the back which takes rain water from the villages surrounding it (Kerċem, Munxar, Fontana and Victoria) into the bay. There are many caves, small or large, on the sides of the bay.

Photos and Videos of Xlendi Bay (Gozo, Malta)

Tekintettel Xlendi bay, Gozo, Málta

View of Xlendi Bay, Gozo, Malta

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Fotos und Videos von der Bucht von Xlendi (Gozo, Malta)

Ix-Xlendi Bay (Gozo, Bay)

Ix-Xlendi Bay (Gozo, Bay)

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Fotos y Vídeos de la Bahía de Xlendi (Gozo, Malta)

Klippen nabij de Baai van Xlendi (Gozo, Malta)

Cliffs nearby Xlendi Bay (Gozo, Malta)

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Zdjęcia i Filmy z Xlendi Bay (Gozo, Malta)

Boote in der Bucht von Xlendi (Gozo, Malta)

Boats in Xlendi Bay (Gozo, Malta)

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In the British rule, Xlendi was a bay holding a sandy bay but by time wave, the valley water and human interference now Xlendi holds a few pebbles. The bay is still known for the rocks on the left side of the bay which are good for sunbathing and for diving. Xlendi Valley starts from Fontana continuing from the Lunzjata Valley and Wied l-Ghawdxija and ends in the bay into the sea.

Photos et Vidéos de la Baie de Xlendi (Gozo, Malte)

Foto’s en Video’s van de Baai van Xlendi (Gozo, Malta)

Foto e Video della Baia di Xlendi (Gozo, Malta)

Fotos e Vídeos de Xlendi bay (Gozo, Malta)

фото и видео бухте Шленди (Гозо, Мальта)

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