Groot Kasteel Deurne, The Netherlands

Deurne Castle in the Netherlands – Unique images and pictures of this castle which is locally known as ‘Groot Kasteel’ or ‘Nieuw Kasteel’, which translates to Great Castle or New Castle, lies in the town of Deurne.

Groot Kasteel in Deurne, Nederland

Great Castle ‘Groot Kasteel’ in Deurne, The Netherlands

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Photos and Videos of The Great Castle in Deurne, The Netherlands

Große Schloss in Deurne, Niederlande

Side Groot Kasteel in Deurne, The Netherlands

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Fotos und Videos von dem großen Schloss in Deurne, Niederlande

Wejście Wielka Zamek w Deurne, Holandia

Entrance Great Castle in Deurne, The Netherlands

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Deurne Castle was built shortly before 1387 by Gevaert Everaertszoon van Doerne on a sandy elevation in the swampy valley of a small stream; the Vlier. It was a square building with several turrets. Due to the thickness of the walls it probably did not have a real military purpose.

Fotos y Vídeos de la Gran Castillo en Deurne, Países Bajos

ifjúsági klub Walhalla a nagy kastély Deurne, Hollandia

Youth Club Walhalla in the Grand Castle in Deurne, The Netherlands

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Photos et Vidéos du Grand Château à Deurne, Pays-Bas

 señal de tráfico Castillo Ruina Deurne, Países Bajos

Road Sign Castle Ruin Deurne, The Netherlands

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In 1511 the castle was burned down by troops from Guelders but was rebuilt. Only to be plundered by Spanish troops in 1599. In 1645 the bailiff Otto de Vischere rebuilt the decaying castle into an inn. In 1653 the castle was enlarged by Rogier, Baron of Leefdael, who had bought it in 1651.
Around 1750 the height of the turrets was lowered; removing the spires, and part of the north wing was demolished. In 1759 the castle was bought by Theodorus de Smeth. His family also thoroughly rebuilt the castle and would own it until World War II. During the liberation of Deurne in 1944 the castle suffered heavily from Allied fire. The remains we see on the  above photos mostly date back to the 17th century.

Foto’s en Video’s van het Groot Kasteel in Deurne, Nederland

Foto e Video di Grande Castello a Deurne, Paesi Bassi

Fotos e Vídeos do Grande Castelo em Deurne, Países Baixos

Фото и Видео большом замке в Деерн, Нидерланды

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