Struga, Macedonia

Struga (Macedonian: Струга; Albanian: Strugë/Struga) is a town and popular tourist destination situated in the south-western region of the Republic of Macedonia, lying on the shore of Lake Ohrid. The town of Struga is the seat of Struga Municipality. The Black Drin river (Crn Drim) starts at the lake and divides the city

Мапа на градот Струга (Македонија)

Struga City Map (Macedonia)

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Photos and Videos of Struga, Macedonia

Straßenansicht Struga (Mazedonien)

Street View Struga (Macedonia)

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Fotos und Videos von Struga, Mazedonien

Црн Дрим истекува од Охридското Езеро (Струга, Македонија)

Black Drin flowing out of Lake Ohrid (Struga, Macedonia)

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Fotos y Videos de Struga, Macedonia

Pazar në Strugë (Maqedoni)

Shopping in Struga (Macedonia)

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Фотографии и видеа на Струга, Македонија

Hotel Beograd (Struga, Macedonië)

Hotel Beograd (Struga, Macedonia)

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Photos et Vidéos de Struga, Macédoine

Хотел Блуе Ски (Струга, Македонија)

Hotel Blue Sky (Struga, Macedonia)

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Foto’s en Video’s van Struga, Macedonië

Stary dom w Struga (Macedonia)

Old Houses in Struga (Macedonia)

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Much of the town’s income is through internal tourism. Struga’s location on Lake Ohrid makes it a slightly quieter and more peaceful experience than the more bustling Ohrid. When visiting this quiet town of the Republic of Macedonia, there are a few other places that show the beauty and culture, like the clay chamber pots at the house of the Miladinovci Brothers, the old bazaar, the century old churches and mosques. Before the evenings you can enjoy on 3 kinds of beaches called “Male beach” (maška plaža), “Female beach” (Ženska plaža) and Galeb (“Gull Beach”), located just before the estuary of the river Crn Drim (Black Drim) in its own flow, and between the two previous beaches.

Fotografitë dhe Videot e Strugës, Maqedoni

Струга антенски поглед (Македонија)

Struga Aerial View (Macedonia)

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Фотографии и видео Струга, Македония

Ura mbi Drin i Zi (Maqedoni)

Bridge over the Black Drim (Macedonia)

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Zdjęcia i Filmy z Struga, Macedonia

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