Vevčani, Macedonia

Vevčani (Macedonian: Вевчани) is a small town in Republic of Macedonia. The word “Vevčani” is based on an Old Church Slavonic word. The word Ves (Old Church Slavonic: Вес) which meant village in Old Church Slavonic. The word Vesčani meant in Old Church Slavonic, “people of Ves” or “Vesians”. By the 14th the name “Veščani” was being used. In 17th century records the village is referred to Veščano (Вешчано). By the early 20th century the village was often referred to as Vehčani (Вехчани) or Vesčani (Весчани), until the name Vevčani was officially adopted. The village is also known as Veçani in Albanian and Vevčani in both Serbian and Bulgarian.

Toegangspoort Vevčani

Entrance of Vevčani

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Photos and Videos of the Macedonian village of Vevčani

Stary Dom Vevcani (Macedonia)

Old House in Vevčani (Macedonia)

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Fotos und Videos von der mazedonischen Dorf Vevčani

Зграда во Вевчани (Македонија)

Building in Vevčani (Macedonia)

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Fotos y Vídeos de la aldea de Macedonia Vevčani

Restaurant in Vevčani (Mazedonien)

Restaurant in Vevčani (Macedonia)

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After the fall of Communism, as a bid to attract more tourism to the town the residents of Vevčani voted to create an independent republic in the town. The “Republic of Vevčani” (Macedonian: Република Вевчани, Republika Vevčani) was soon founded. As a part of the self-styled “Independent Republic of Vevčani” declared in 2002, the “Vevčani Ličnik” (Macedonian: Вевчански Личник) was created as souvenir currency for the area. The “Ličnici” (plural) come in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000. The author was artist Simun Lesoski.


Burimet e Vevçanit ujit (Maqedoni)

Entrance Vevčani Springs (Macedonia)

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Photos et Vidéos du village macédonien de Vevčani

Foto’s en Video’s van het Macedonische dorp Vevčani

Foto e Video del villaggio macedone di Vevčani

Fotos e vídeos da aldeia macedónia de Vevčani

Фото и видео македонской деревне Вевчани

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