Xlendi (Gozo, Malta)

Xlendi is a village in Malta situated in the south west of the island of Gozo. It is surrounded by the villages of Munxar, Fontana and Kerċem. The village is administered by Munxar, but has its own coat of arms and motto. From March 2010, Xlendi has had its own 5-person “mini council” responsible for the main activities of the area.

Informazioni Xlendi (Gozo, Malta)

Information about Xlendi (Gozo, Malta)

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Photos and Videos of the Village Xlendi (Gozo, Malta)

Village de Xlendi (Gozo, Malte)

Village of Xlendi (Gozo, Malta)

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Fotos und Videos von dem Dorf Xlendi (Gozo, Malta)

Xlendi tårnet, Munxar (Gozo, Malta)

Xlendi Tower, Munxar (Gozo, Malta)

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Fotos y Vídeos de la Aldea Xlendi (Gozo, Malta)

Blick auf die Straße Xlendi (Gozo, Malta)

Streetview Xlendi (Gozo, Malta)

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Ritratti u Videos tar-raħal Xlendi (Għawdex, Malta)

Forma i Xlendi d'fhonn farraige deas (Gozo, Málta)

Bench in Xlendi with a nice sea view (Gozo, Malta)

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Photos et Vidéos du Village Xlendi (Gozo, Malte)

Ix-Xlendi (Gozo, Malta)

Ix-Xlendi (Gozo, Malta)

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Foto’s en video’s van het Dorp Xlendi (Gozo, Malta)

Edificio en Xlendi (Gozo, Malta)

Building in Xlendi (Gozo, Malta)

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The name Xlendi is of Byzantine origins as it is named after a galley of the period, that was wrecked along the coast, that was called Shilandi. Evidence of this was retrieved near the entry of the bay, at the bottom of the sea, in the 1960s. Since then the site became a popular diving site. The Xlendi Tower guarding the mouth of the bay was built by the Grandmaster Juan de Lascaris-Castellar on 29 June 1650. This was built so pirates or Turks could not disembark from this bay.

Foto e Video del Villaggio Xlendi (Gozo, Malta)

صورور وفيديو من قرية إكسليندي، غوزو، مالطا

Фото и Видео деревни Шленди (Гозо, Мальта)

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