Bolnes (Ridderkerk, The Netherlands)

Bolnes is a Dutch village in the municipality of Ridderkerk in the province of South Holland. It is situated on the island IJsselmonde on the south bank of the river Nieuwe Maas, just east of the junction with the Hollandse IJssel, bordering on the municipality of Rotterdam. In 2004, 7300 people lived in Bolnes

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Bolnes (Ridderkerk, Nederland)

Bolnes in Ridderkerk, The Netherlands

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Donckselaan in Bolnes (Ridderkerk, Nederland)

Donckselaan in Bolnes (Ridderkerk, The Netherlands)

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Boelewerf en de Nieuwe Maas in Bolnes (Ridderkerk, Nederland)

Boelewerf and the River Nieuwe Maas in Bolnes (Ridderkerk, The Netherlands)

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Flatgebouwen in Bolnes (Ridderkerk, Nederland)

Apartment Buildings in Bolnes (Ridderkerk, The Netherlands)

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Intensive farming and especially shipbuilding used to be the main employers, the latter attracting hundreds of migrant workers from Spain in the 1960s. Shipbuilding went into decline in the 1970s and closed down altogether in 1986. Bolnes has lost much of its character as a working class village alongside the riverdike; apart from an adequate number of shops and a post office there is little employment in the village itself.

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