Bosphorus Bridge (Istanbul, Turkey)

There are three suspension toll bridges over the Bosphorus Strait; The first bridge is streching between Beylerbeyi neighbourhood on the Asian side and Ortaköy neighbourhood on the European side. It was opened in 1973 and was called as “Bogazici (Bosphorus) Bridge”, then in July 2016 it’s named as “Martyrs of July 15th” dedicated to the victims died during the failed coup attemp of 15th of July 2016. It’s 1074 meters (1175 yards) long, has 6 lanes, and 165 meters (540 feet) high pillars.

Akşam Boğaziçi Köprüsü (İstanbul, Türkiye)

The Bosphorus Bridge in the evening (Istanbul, Turkey)

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Photos and Videos of the Bosphorus Bridge (Istanbul, Turkey)

Bosporus-Brücke in Istanbul, Türkei

The Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey

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The Bosphorus Bridge remained the longest suspension bridge in Europe until the completion of the Humber Bridge in 1981, and the longest suspension bridge in Asia until the completion of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge (Second Bosphorus Bridge) in 1988 (which was surpassed a year later by the Minami Bisan-Seto Bridge in 1989.) In 2016 has the Bosphorus Bridge the 25th-longest suspension bridge span in the world.

Fotos und Videos von der Bosporus-Brücke (Istanbul, Türkei)

 تحت جسر البوسفور (اسطنبول، تركيا)

Under the Bosphorus Bridge (Istanbul, Turkey)

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Fotos y Vídeos de el Puente del Bósforo (Estambul, Turquía)

밤 보스포러스 다리 (이스탄불, 터키)

The Bosporus Bridge at night (Istanbul, Turkey)

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Photos et Vidéos de le Pont du Bosphore (Istanbul, Turquie)

Foto’s en Video’s van de Bosporusbrug (Istanbul, Turkije)

Foto e video sul Ponte sul Bosforo (Istanbul, Turchia)

Boğaziçi Köprüsü resimler ve videolar (İstanbul, Türkiye)

фотографии и видео из Босфорский мост (Стамбул, Турция)

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