Known Buildings in Valletta, Malta

Valletta boasts many buildings from the 16th century, mostly baroque architecture that was built by the Knights of St. John. Amongst them is the majestic St. John’s Cathedral, several auberges that hosted the Knights in their times, the bastions surrounding the city, and several gardens.

Biblioteca Nazionale di Malta a La Valletta

National Library of Malta in Valletta

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Photos and Videos of the known buildings in Valletta, Malta

Gerichtsgebäude in Valletta, Malta

Courthouse in Valletta, Malta

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Fotos und Videos der bekanntesten Gebäude in Valletta, Malta

مبنى البرلمان في فاليتا، مالطا

Parliament House in Valletta,Malta

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Fotos y Vídeos de los edificios conocidos en Valletta, Malta

Bâtiment sur la rue de la République à Valletta, Malte

Building on the Republic Street in Valletta, Malta

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Market Building in Valletta, Malta

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Photos et vidéos des bâtiments connus à Valletta, Malte


Ministry of Health (Valletta, Malta)

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Foto’s en Video’s van de bekende gebouwen in Valletta, Malta

The Monte di Pietà e Redenzione (Valletta, Malta)

The Monte di Pietà e Redenzione (Valletta, Malta)

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Foto e Video di edifici conosciuti in Valletta, Malta

Byggnad där Samuel Taylor Coleridge arbetade (Valletta, Malta)

Building where Samuel Taylor Coleridge worked (Valletta, Malta)

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صور وفيديو من المباني المعروفة في فاليتا، مالطا

The Savoy Shopping Arcade (Valletta, Malta)

The Savoy Shopping Arcade (Valletta, Malta)

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Nowadays, Valletta hosts the National Parliament, the Law Courts, many Government Ministries and Departments, Administrative Offices, museums and plenty of shopping opportunities.

Фото и видео известных зданий в Валлетте, Мальта

Messina Pałac w Valletta, Malta

The Messina Palace in Valletta, Malta

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