German Bunkers in Normandy, France

Adolf Hitler outlined in 1942 a plan to defend the 3800 km (2400 miles) of coastline from Spain to Norway using 15000 bunkers and 300.000 troops to be completed by May 1943, the earliest time an Allied invasion was likely. Hitler insisted that priority would be given to the ports and lower priority to the open beaches in between. Only two sites in Normandy were given the festung (fortress) designation; Cherbourg and Le Havre.

Bunker der Abschusskontrolle (V1 Stelling Val Ygot, Frankreich)

Bunker of V1 Launch Control (Site Val Ygot, France)

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Photos and Videos of the German Bunkers in Normandy, France

Bilder und Videos der deutschen Bunker in der Normandie, Frankreich

Fotos y Videos de los Búnkeres Alemanes en Normandía, Francia

Photos et vidéos des bunkers allemands en Normandie, en France

Foto’s en video’s van de Duitse bunkers in Normandië, Frankrijk

Zdjęcia i filmy z Niemieckich Bunkra w Normandii we Francji

Of the 15000 Atlantic Wall bunkers , 11000 were allocated to the Seventh and Fifteenth Armies stretching from Brittany to the Dutch coast, including Normandy.

Organization Todt focused on the coast closest to Britain along the Pas de Calais and Picardy since these were believed to be the most likely sites for an Alied invasion. Of the 15000 planned, Organization Todt completed 9671 permanent bunkers and 5976 field-type bunkers by D-Day.

Foto e Video dei Bunker Tedeschi in Normandia, in Francia

Фотографии и видео немецких бункеров в Нормандии, Франция

Fotos e Vídeos dos Bunkers Alemães na Normandia, França

Fotky a Videa Německých Bunkrů v Normandii, Francie

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