Public Transport in North Brabant, The Netherlands

Bus transportation is the main form of public transport in Noord-Brabant. With fast and frequent services, city and intercity buses, and a large network of local buses in sparsely populated areas, you can travel to most places in this Dutch province. When there are no city, regional or local buses in the area, you can make use of Regiotaxi (regional taxi), Deeltaxi (taxi share) or Taxbus.

Busstation in Tilburg, Nederland

Bus Station in Tilburg, The Netherlands

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Public Transport in North Brabant, The Netherlands

Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel in Nord-Brabant, Niederlande

Transporte Público en Brabante Septentrional, Países Bajos

Openbaar Vervoer in Noord-Brabant, Nederland

Transport Public au Brabant du Nord, Pays-Bas

النقل العام في شمال برابانت، هولندا

As with all of the Netherlands, North Brabant is very well served by the Dutch national railway company Nederlandse Spoorwegen. Most communities with over 500 inhabitants are served by public bus companies. All of Netherlands is covered by a common fare system based on distance and served by OV-chipcards – proximity cards that need to be pre-charged with money for fares and used when boarding and alighting. See 9292nl for connections, timetables and fare calculation between any given stops in North Brabant.

Transport Publiczny w Brabancji Północnej, w Holandii

Mezzi di Trasporto Pubblico in Brabante Settentrionale, Paesi Bassi

Общественный транспорт в Северном Брабанте, Нидерланды

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