Cube Houses (Kubuswoningen) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Cube houses (Dutch: Kubuswoningen) are a set of innovative houses built in Rotterdam and Helmond in the Netherlands, designed by architect Piet Blom and based on the concept of “living as an urban roof”: high density housing with sufficient space on the ground level, since its main purpose is to optimise the space inside.

Kubuswoningen Rotterdam, ontworpen door Piet Blom

The Cube Houses in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) which are designed by Piet Blom

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Photos and Videos of the Cube Houses in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Häuser die in der Form eines gekippten Würfel auf einer Stange gebaut werden, und werden auch als Stelzenhaus oder Baumhaus bekannt (Rotterdam, Niederlande)

Houses which are built in the Shape of a Tilted Cube on a Pole, and are also known as Stilt House or Tree House (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

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Fotos und Videos der Kubushäuser in Rotterdam, Niederlande

La vue sur le Vieux-Port (Oude Haven) et le Willemsbrug (pont) du Cube Maisons à Rotterdam, Pays-Bas

The View of the Old Port (Oude Haven) and the Willemsbrug (Bridge) from the Cube Houses in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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Fotos y Vídeos de las Casas Cubo en Rotterdam, Países Bajos

Casas cubo de Rotterdam (Países Bajos) se encuentran en la calle Overblaak. Hay 38 cubos pequeños y dos de las llamadas 'Grandes Cubos', todos unidos el uno al otro

The Cube Houses in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) are located on Overblaak Street. There are 38 Small Cubes and two so called ‘Super-Cubes’, all attached to each other

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Blom tilted the cube of a conventional house 45 degrees, and rested it upon a hexagon-shaped pylon. His design represents a village within a city, where each house represents a tree, and all the houses together, a forest. The central idea of the cube houses around the world is mainly optimizing the space, as a house, to a better distribution of the rooms inside.


Case cubo a Rotterdam (Paesi Bassi) sono stati costruiti tra il 1982 e il 1984. L'intero complesso è noto come 'Het Blaakse Bos'

The Cube Houses in Rotterdam (Netherlands) were built between 1982 and 1984. The whole Complex is known as ‘Het Blaakse Bos’

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Photos et Vidéos des Maisons Cubiques à Rotterdam, Pays-Bas

Zdjęcia i Filmy z Domów-Kostek w Rotterdam, Holandia

The houses in Rotterdam are located on Overblaak Street, right above the Blaak Subway Station. There are 38 small cubes and two so called ‘super-cubes’, all attached to each other. As residents are disturbed so often by curious passers-by, one owner decided to open a “show cube”, which is furnished as a normal house, and is making a living out of offering tours to visitors.

Foto e Video delle Case Cubo a Rotterdam, Paesi Bassi

Foto’s en Video’s van de Kubuswoningen in Rotterdam, Nederland

Фотографии и видео из куба домов в Роттердаме, Нидерланды

صور وفيديو من المنازل مكعب في روتردام، هولندا

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