Castle Coevorden, The Netherlands

Coevorden Castle – Amazing image and pictures of this castle which was built on an artificial hill – a so-called motte – near a ford (a “voorde”) in the river the Kleine Vecht. This koevoorde (= “Cow Ford”) gave the city its name. In 1046, German emperor Henry III gave the county of Drenthe to the bishop of Utrecht, who appointed a viscount, a hereditary title.

Kasteel Coevorden (Nederland)

Castle Coevorden (The Netherlands)

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Kanon Kasteel Coevorden (Nederland)

Cannon Castle Coevorden (The Netherlands)

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Sehen Sie hier die Bilder von Schloss Coevorden (Niederlande)

Schloss Coevorden (Die Niederlande)

Coevorden Castle (The Netherlands)

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Gouverneurshuis Coevorden (Nederland)

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Wapen Karel van Egmond (Kasteel Coevorden, Nederland)

The Egmond Coat of Arms (Castle Coevorden, The Netherlands)

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Toren Kasteel Coevorden (Nederland)

Tower Castle Coevorden (The Netherlands)

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In 1395, Bishop Frederik van Blankenheim brought this to an end, and decreed that castle Coevorden should be the only castle in Drenthe. This is still the case and Coevorden castle is a restaurant nowadays.

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