Cathedral of Assumption in Victoria (Gozo, Malta)

The Cathedral of the Assumption is a Roman Catholic cathedral in the Cittadella of Victoria in Gozo, Malta. The cathedral is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. The building is listed on the National Inventory of the Cultural Property of the Maltese Islands.

L'ingresso della Cattedrale dell'Assunta a Victoria (Gozo, Malta)

Entrance of the Cathedral of the Assumption in Victoria (Gozo, Malta)

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Photos and Videos of the Cathedral of Assumption in Victoria (Gozo, Malta)

Pjazza Katidral dans la Citadelle de Victoria (Gozo, Malte)

Pjazza Katidral in the Citadel of Victoria (Gozo, Malta)

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Fotos und Videos von der Kathedrale von Mariä Himmelfahrt in Victoria (Gozo, Malta)

Pomnik Jana Pawła II przy wejściu do katedry Gozo (Victoria, Malta)

Statue of Pope John Paul II at the entrance of the Gozo Cathedral (Victoria, Malta)

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Fotos y Vídeos de la Catedral de la Asunción en Victoria (Gozo, Malta)

Kathedrale der Himmelfahrt in Victoria (Gozo, Malta)

Cathedral of the Assumption in Victoria (Gozo, Malta)

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Estatua de bronce del papa Pío IX fuera de la Catedral en la Ciudadela, Victoria (Rabat), Gozo, Malta

Bronze Statue of Pope Pius IX outside the Cathedral in the Citadella, Victoria (Rabat), Gozo, Malta

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The Cittadella was initially a pre-historic settlement and later a Roman temple dedicated to Juno was developed, and the remains of this temple existed until the present day as part of the cathedral. Following the Christianization of Malta and Gozo, the temple was converted into a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Later on, Byzantine church was probably built on the site of the temple, until it was destroyed while Malta was under Arab rule. The church was elevated to a cathedral when it became the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Gozo, which was formed in 1864.

Photos et Vidéos de la Cathédrale de l’Assomption à Victoria (Gozo, Malte)

Madonna Estátua na Catedral de Gozo em Victoria, Malta

Madonna Statue on the Gozo Cathedral in Victoria, Malta

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Foto’s en Video’s van de Kathedraal van de Assumptie in Victoria (Gozo, Malta)

Trap naar de Kathedraal in Victoria (Gozo, Malta)

Stairs to the Cathedral in Victoria (Gozo, Malta)

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Foto e video della Cattedrale dell’Assunzione a Victoria (Gozo, Malta)

صور وفيديو من كاتدرائية العذراء في فيكتوريا، غوزو، مالطا

Фото и Видео собора Успения в Виктории, Гозо, Мальта

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