Cathedrals in France

France is home to some of the world’s most spectacular cathedrals. With spires reaching toward the sky, buttresses a-flying, magnificent sculptures and colorful stained glass, cathedrals in France will leave you wondering how in the heck they were able to build such magnificent structures.

Photos and Videos of the Cathedrals in France

Gothic Cathedral (Bayeux, France)

Gothic Cathedral (Bayeux, France)

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Fotos und Videos der Kathedralen in Frankreich

Fotos y Videos de las Catedrales en Francia

Photos et Vidéos des Cathédrales en France


Zdjęcia i Klipy z Katedr we Francji

While many of France’s famous cathedrals showcase Gothic and Renaissance architecture and built many centuries ago, the Marseille Cathedral was built on an enormous scale in Byzantine-Roman style during the 19th century and has been declared a national monument in France.

Foto e Video delle Cattedrali in Francia

Фотографии и видео соборов во Франции

Fotos e Vídeos das Catedrais na França

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