Churches in Maassluis, The Netherlands

The construction of the Great Church (Groote Kerk) started in 1629. The building activities were suspended for several years because pirates from Dunkirk (Duinkerken) conquered many fishing boats from Maassluis. As a result, there were not enough earnings to finance the Great Church project, being paid by retributions from the herring fisheries. Nevertheless, in 1639 the Great Church was completed. It is very special that the Great Church from the start has been built as a protestant church, being one of the first protestant churches in The Netherlands.

Kerktoren van de Groote Kerk in Maassluis, Nederland

Church Tower of the Great Church (Groote Kerk) in Maassluis, The Netherlands

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Photos and Videos of the Churches in Maassluis, The Netherlands

Immanuelkerk (Cristiana Reformada) en Maassluis, Países Bajos

Immanuelkerk (Christian Reformed) in Maassluis, The Netherlands

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Fotos und Videos der Kirchen in Maassluis, Niederlande

Bethelkerk (Christian zreformowany) w Maassluis, Holandia

Bethelkerk (Christian Reformed) in Maassluis, The Netherlands

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Fotos y Vídeos de las Iglesias en Maassluis, Países Bajos

Große Kirche oder Neue Kirche auf Kirche-Insel in Maassluis, die Niederlande

Groote Kerk or Nieuwe Kerk on Kerkeiland (Church Island) in Maassluis, The Netherlands

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The Great Church became famous because of its organ, built in 1732 by the famous organ builder Rudolf Garrels (1675−1750). The organ was a gift from Govert van Wijn, a wealthy shipowner from Maassluis. The only other operational Garrels organ in the Netherlands you can find in Exloo, a small town in the north of the country.
On December 4th, 1732 at the occasion of the 90th birthday of the founder Govert van Wijn, the organ was taken in service. In the course of the following ages the organ has been adapted to the changes in musical taste. It has been refurbished in the 20th century and then restored in the original state of 1732. From 1965 to his death in 1984 Feike Asma (1912-1984) was the organist of the Garrels organ in de Groote or Nieuwe Kerk at Maassluis. From the start Feike Asma’s endeavour was to raise a maximum of publicity for this organ, by giving many concerts and having a number of his works and even a film recorded.

Photos et Vidéos des Églises à Maassluis, Pays-Bas

Zdjęcia i Filmy z Kościołów w Maassluis, Holandia

Fotos e Vídeos das Igrejas em Maassluis, Países Baixos

Fotografije i Video snimke Crkve u maassluis, Nizozemska

Fotók és Videók a Templomok Maassluis, Hollandia

Foto´s en Video´s van de Kerken in Maassluis, Nederland

Bilder og Videoer av Kirkene i Maassluis, Nederland

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