Cittadella of Victoria (Gozo, Malta)

The Cittadella (Maltese: Iċ-Ċittadella), also known as the Citadel, the Castello (Maltese: Il-Kastell) or the Gran Castello, is a citadel in Victoria, on the island of Gozo in Malta. The present configuration of the Cittadella is a combination of a medieval castle and an early modern gunpowder fortress, with its northern walls retaining a largely medieval form and its southern walls dating back to a 17th-century reconstruction. The Cittadella has been included on Malta’s tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1998.

Cittadella in Victoria (Gozo, Malta)

The Cittadella in Victoria (Gozo, Malta)

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Photos and Videos of the Citadel of Victoria (Gozo, Malta)

Segni dito pubblicare nella Cittadella di Gozo (Victoria, Malta)

Finger Post Signs in the Cittadella of Gozo (Victoria, Malta)

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Fotos und Videos von der Zitadelle von Victoria (Gozo, Malta)

Ruines dans la Citadelle de Gozo (Victoria, Malte)

Ruins in the Cittadella of Gozo (Victoria, Malta)

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Fotos y Vídeos de la Ciudadela de Victoria (Gozo, Malta)

Башта з годинником Читаделла у Вікторії (Гозо, Мальта)

Clock Tower of Cittadella in Victoria (Gozo, Malta)

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Photos et Vidéos de la Citadelle de Victoria (Gozo, Malte)

Altes Gefängnis in der Zitadelle von Gozo (Victoria, Malta)

The Old Prison in the Citadel of Gozo (Victoria, Malta)

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Foto’s en Video’s van de Citadel van Victoria (Gozo, Malta)

La Cittadella, Gozo (Victoria, Malta)

Iċ-Ċittadella fir-Rabat (Għawdex, Malta)

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Foto e Video della Cittadella di Victoria, Gozo, Malta

Fortificada ciudadela de Victoria (conocido como Rabat por los lugareños), Isla de Gozo, Malta

Fortified Citadel of Victoria (known as Rabat by the locals), Gozo Island, Malta

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The Citadel has been at the centre of activity on the island since possibly Neolithic times, and was certainly fortified during the Bronze Age around 1500 BC. It was later developed by the Phoenicians and in Roman times, it was a complex Acropolis. Gozo was a privileged Roman Municipality, independent of Malta and the Citadel was the centre of its administrative as well as its military and religious life, an important temple to the goddess Juno stood where the Cathedral now stands. The north side of the Citadel dates back to the period of the Aragonese, while the south flank, overlooking Ir-Rabat (Victoria), was re-constructed under the Knights of St. John between 1599 and 1603.

صور وفيديو من قلعة فيكتوريا، غوزو، مالطا

Marian Vlajka na Citadele Gozo (Victoria, Malta)

Marian Flag on the Citadel of Gozo (Victoria, Malta)

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Фото и Видео Цитадели Виктория, Гозо, Мальта

Genomförandet av Cittadella generalplan Rekommendationer - Gozo (Victoria, Malta)

Implementation of the Cittadella Masterplan Recommendations – Gozo (Victoria, Malta)

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