Bridges Coevorden, The Netherlands

Beautiful images and pictures of the bridges in Coevorden, The Netherlands. The municipality of Coevorden also has much to offer in economic terms, with nine industrial estates and an excellent infrastructure.

George Vancouverbrug (Nederland)

George Vancouver Bridge – Coevorden (The Netherlands)

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Pampertbrug Coevorden (Nederland)

Pampert Bridge Coevorden (The Netherlands)

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One of the newest industrial estates – the Europark – measures 350 hectares and is a Dutch-German cross-border initiative. Europark offers access to the Dutch-German railway networks, a waterway (for 600-metric tonne and, in the future, 1000-tonne ships) and wide roads with easy access to the Dutch A37 and German A31 motorways.

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Spoorbrug Coevorden (Nederland)

Railway Bridge Coevorden (The Netherlands)

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Het Vonder (Coevorden, Nederland)

Brigde Het Vonder (Coevorden, The Netherlands)

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Loopbrug Kasteel Coevorden (Nederland)

Walkway Castle Coevorden (The Netherlands)

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