Shopping in Deauville, France

Quaint boutiques in creative Norman-style architecture, picket fences and flower-lined streets, elegant passersby. Add to this an innate flair for refinement, a faint smell of the sea and the sound of waves in the distance. No wonder Deauville has been a favourite of celebrities and artists for more than a century.
High-end French brands have set up shop in the pedestrian area between the beach and the polo field. This is where, in fact, Coco Chanel opened her second boutique – after the one on rue Cambon in Paris – exactly 100 years ago. This certainly calls for a celebratory shopping spree. All of the best shops in this seaside resort are within easy walking distance.

Place du Marché de Deauville, France

The Market Square in Deauville, France

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Photos and Videos of the Shops in Deauville, France

Hair & Mer Coiffure (Deauville, France)

Hair & Mer Coiffure (Deauville, France)

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Bilder und Videos der Geschäfte in Deauville, Frankreich

Boulangerie et Pâtisserie à Deauville, France

Bakery & Pastry in Deauville, France

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Fotos y Videos de las Tiendas en Deauville, Francia

Geschäfte in Deauville, Frankreich

Shops in Deauville, France

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Famous for its races and competitions, polo matches and stud farms, Deauville is France’s undisputable horse town. Partake in this equine passion with visits to Hermès (Place du Casino), Longchamp (76 Rue Eugène Colas), and Ralph Lauren (70 Rue Désiré Le Hoc).
Relics from the past will be find on the way to the brocantes and antique shops on nearby Avenue de la République. Antiq Ô Thé (1 avenue de la République) has an elaborate collection of Asian artefacts as well as a delightful area dedicated to the Dammann Frères tea specialists.

Foton och Videor av Butikerna i Deauville, Frankrike

Florista Autrefois en Deauville, Francia

Florist Autrefois in Deauville, France

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Photos et Vidéos des Magasins à Deauville, France

 Rive d'Auge boutique a Deauville, Francia

Rive d’Auge Boutique in Deauville, France

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Foto e Video dei Negozi a Deauville, in Francia (Deauville, France) (Deauville, France)

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Fotos e Vídeos das Lojas em Deauville, França

Foto’s en Video’s van de Winkels in Deauville, Frankrijk

Ảnh và Video của các cửa hàng ở Deauville, Pháp

Zdjęcia i Filmy z Sklepów w Deauville, Francja

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