The Scheldt

The Scheldt (French: l’Escaut, Walloon: Escô, Dutch: Schelde) is a 350-kilometre (220 mi) long river in northern France, western Belgium and the southwestern part of the Netherlands. Its name is derived from an adjective corresponding to Old English sceald “shallow”, Modern English shoal, Low German schol, West Frisian skol, and Swedish (obsolete) skäll “thin”.

Dubbelschroef Sleephopperzuiger Artevelde en op de achtergrond Oiltanking Antwerpen (Stolthaven) aan de Schelde (Belgium)

Twin Screw Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger Artevelde and the background Oiltanking Antwerp (Stolthaven) to the Scheldt in Belgium

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Photos and Videos of The Scheldt River in Belgium

Rivière L'Escaut et Anvers l'Europe Terminal PSA (Belgique)

River The Scheldt and the PSA Antwerp Europa Terminal (Belgium)

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Fotos und Videos von Fluss Schelde in Belgien

La rivière Escaut, Moulin et de la Centrale Nucléaire de Doel, en Belgique

The River Scheldt, Mill and Nuclear Power Plant in Doel, Belgium

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The headwaters of the Scheldt are in Gouy, in the Aisne department of northern France. It flows north through Cambrai and Valenciennes, and enters Belgium near Tournai. In Ghent, where it receives the Lys, one of its main tributaries, the Scheldt turns east. Near Antwerp, the largest city on its banks, the Scheldt flows west into the Netherlands towards the North Sea.

Fotos y Videos del Río Escalda en Bélgica

Zdjęcia i Filmy z Rzeki Skaldy w Belgii

Foto’s en Video’s van de Rivier De Schelde in België

Bilder og Videoer av Elva Scheldt i Belgia

Fotók és Videók a Folyó A Schelde Belgiumban

The Scheldt is an important waterway, and has been made navigable from its mouth up to Cambrai. Above Cambrai, the Canal de Saint-Quentin follows its course. The port of Antwerp, the second largest in Europe, lies on its banks. Several canals (including the Albert Canal) connect the Scheldt with the basins of the Rhine, Meuse and Seine, and with the industrial areas around Brussels, Liège, Lille, Dunkirk and Mons.

Foto e Video del Fiume Schelda in Belgio

Fotos e Vídeos do Rio Escalda na Bélgica

Фото и видео реки Шельда в Бельгии

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