Wortel Kolonie in Belgium

Wortel was originally a free agricultural colony. Poor families lived in separate farmhouses with their own tract of land to work. This was not easy for people without experience. The ground was not very fertile and there were strict rules.


Kolonie (= Colony) – Wortel Kolonie, Belgium

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Photos and Videos of Wortel-Kolonie in Belgium

Het Boothuis aan Bootjesven te Wortel Kolonie, België

The Boathouse at Bootjesven in Wortel-Kolonie, Belgium

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Fotos und Videos von Wortel Colony in Belgien

Uitzicht op het Meertje 'Bootjesven' vanaf de Vogelkijkhut te Wortel, België

Overlooking the Small Lake ‘Bootjesven’ from the Bird Hide in Wortel, Belgium

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In 1870, the Belgian state bought Wortel. It became an unfree ‘agricultural Colony of Benevolence’. Male vagrants and beggars were admitted there and worked under surveillance on the land and in workhouses. Urban planner Victor Besme converted the domain for this purpose.

Fotos y Vídeos de Wortel Colonia en Bélgica

Besucherzentrum 'De Klapekster' in Wortel Kolonie, Belgien

The Visitor Center ´De Klapekster´ in Wortel Kolonie, Belgium

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Zdjęcia i Filmy Wortel Kolonii w Belgii

Konikpaarden in Wortel-Kolonie, Belgie

Konik Horses in Wortel Colony, Belgium

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Foto’s en Video’s van Wortel-Kolonie in België

Youth centre d'hébergement 'De Bonte Beestenboel' Wortel Colony, Belgique

Youth Accommodation Center ‘De Bonte Beestenboel’ in Wortel Kolonie, Belgium

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There are no more vagrants in Wortel. Farmers cultivate the land, and since 1999 the Colony has been designated a protected landscape.

Foto e Video di Wortel Colonie in Belgio

Den Bayerd caffetteria estiva in Wortel Colony, Belgio

The Summer Café ´Den Bayerd` in Wortel Colony, Belgium

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Fotos e Vídeos de Colônias Wortel na Bélgica

Starej stodole w Wortel Colony, Belgii

Old Barn in Wortel Kolonie, Belgium

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Billeder og Videoer af Wortel Kolonier i Belgien

Kempen krajolik Wortel kolonija (Belgija)

Kempens Landscape Wortel Colony (Belgium)

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Fotografije i Video snimke Wortel Kolonija u Belgiji

Paysage Wortel Colony (Belgique)

Landscape Wortel Kolonie, Belgium

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Photos et Vidéos de Colonies Wortel en Belgique

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